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Bohemian Switzerland 

Millions of years ago, there used to be a shallow sea where the sand from surrounding rivers and streams was placed at its bottom. After the sea had gone, a strange shape of sandstone rocks was created, the unique shapes attracting our imagination. For a long long time the scenery was evolving apart from the world around, untouched by a man´s hand. That´s why we can nowadays enjoy the beauty around and feel like in a fairy tale.

This region is very good especially for hiking lovers. It offers many touristic trails  leading through the scenery of the rocky towns, the mesas,  the passes, deep gorges and hillsides. While walking through the countryside you may find the fossils of former sea animals. You will be fascinated by an articulation of the landscape as well as the picturesque nature games you can find at every turn. Although it´s the lowest place in the Czech republic, you will feel like being in the mountains. Your trip can become perfect when you stay over in some of the local cosy pensions or hotels. Thank to the local articulation we recommend this area for bikers who love more exacting terrain.

The most visited places are  for sure the largest and most unique sandstone bridge in Europe „Pravčická gate“ and sailing on the boats through the passes of Kamenice river. The scenery is complimented by the hills around. The dominating one is Růžovský vrch, standing „proudly“ opposite the rocky area. No wonder it´s called „Děčín´s Fudžijama“. In the whole region you can  find lots of precious animals and plants.


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