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Welcome to the website of České Švýcarsko – turistické informace s.r.o.! We offer a wide range of services. And here you can find the information you need to easily plan your trips to Bohemian Switzerland and its surroundings areas.

Poprvé v regionu You don’t have to travel throughout Europe to find a magical place for your vacation. You can find it right here in the Czech Republic. Wonderful scenery with spectacular rock formations, narrow passes, view towers and mesas that stretch right up to the German boarder await your discovery. Walking through the countryside you can find Pravčická gate, the largest rock bridge in Europe and many beautiful rocky view points that tower up to the tree tops as well as great sailing in the canyon of Kamenice river.

Poprvé v regionu Thanks to the unique topography of the area a stay here could benefit your health. Air gets heated on the rocky cliffs and mesas. This causes strong thermal up drafts to occur. These up drafts cause a mixing of the lower atmosphere with air higher up. The air up above is clean air blown in from the North Sea. This air mixes with the hot dry thermals and creates an especially healthy mix. The area has long been known as an “air spa”.

Poprvé v regionu This region is also unique for its flora and fauna. Thanks to the very clean ecology the unique plants and animals of the area are thriving especially the many species of mosses which are abundant. There are numerous crystal clear cold-water streams, which rise from huge underground lakes that are the largest in the Czech Republic.

Poprvé v regionu Walk the forest trails, discover the old rocky castles, set out for the mythical empires of the dwarves, fairies and robbers who used to live in this area and maybe they still do. You can find lots of romantic places, the grass in the forests is soft as the clouds, and it invites you into its arms. Sometimes its quiet and sometimes the birds sing, the sun shines through the tree tops and the wind twists the trees and the streams flow peacefully. Experience this unforgettable place and you might feel like you’re in a fairy-tale. That may be the reason why the fairy-tale “A Proud Princess” was filmed here.

The park is dotted with charming and affordable, often family run pensions and hotels. We will be glad to arrange either accommodations or activities for you. It’s so very easy. You can just read through the web site choose what is best for you then call our reservation centre and make the reservations. Or while walking through the countryside visit our information centre where you can buy maps, postcards or souvenirs. There you will be welcomed by our colleagues who are always ready to help. We are friendly and always willing to service you.

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