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Labské sandstones

Bohemian Switzerland (Labské sandstones) is a typical erosive formation that was formed after the erosion of a few hundred metres of sea sediments. It belongs to the large bohemian chalk basin that covers much of northern Bohemia and parts of Germany and Poland. The Bohemian-Saxon Switzerlalnd Park itself covers an area of over 700 km2. A unique feature of the area are the deeply eroded sandstone cliffs. In the cliffs are deeply eroded hallos that provide micro climates that give shelter to many alpine and sub-alpine speicies at this low altitude. The park was created to protect these speicies as well as to showcase the unique geomorpholgical articulation of the area.

But the Bohemian Switzerland Park is not only a large area of uninhabited forests and rocks. A major subject of preservation is the cultural scenery. It is a region that has been used by people from pre-historic times An important goal of the park is to preserve and protect the architecture and art of the region.

In Europe the Bohemian Switzerland Park is mainly known as an important tourist area. This turist tradition dates back to the late romantic era at the end of the 18th century. At that time this area was “discovered” by the public through landscape painters from dresden art academy. Since then the area has opened up to tourism and still represents a very important economic asset for the region. In 1878 in Děčín, The Mountain Club for the Bohemian Switzerland Park was founded. It's the oldest club of its kind in the Czech Republic and its main purpose is to provide access to the park for the public.

Source: www.npcs.cz 

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